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Silvia Lechthaler

Ph.D. in Biology

Pierluigi Colangeli

Ph.D. in Biology

Our Publications

  • Schiro, G., Colangeli, P., Müller, M. (2019). A Metabarcoding analysis of the mycobiome of wheat ears across a topographically heterogeneous field. Frontiers in Microbiology.

  • Lechthaler, S., Colangeli, P., Gazzabin, M., Anfodillo, T. (2019). Axial anatomy of the leaf midrib provides new insights into the hydraulic architecture and cavitation patterns of Acer pseudoplatanus leaves. Journal of Experimental Botany.

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  • Lechthaler, S., Robert, E.M., Tonné, N., Prusova, A., Gerkema, E., Van As, H., Koedam, N. and Windt, C.W. (2016). Rhizophoraceae mangrove saplings use hypocotyl and leaf water storage capacity to cope with soil water salinity changes. Frontiers in Plant Science.

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